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The niit/bit_errors dataset

Data set of 802.15.4 and 802.11b traces for investigating the biterror process of 802.15.4 and 802.11b networks.

Contributed by Adnan Iqbal, Khurram Shahzad, Syed Ali Khayam, Yongju Cho.

We collected 802.15.4 traces at NUST school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and collected 802.11b traces at Wireless and Video (WAVES) Lab at Michigan State University (MSU), USA, to investigate biterror process of the 802.15.4 and 802.11 networks.

 details of the niit/bit_errors dataset:

 details of the 1 trace in the niit/bit_errors/802.15.4 traceset:

 quick access to download the 1 trace:

 the niit/bit_errors/802.15.4/Traces_802.15.4 trace:

 details of the 2 traces in the niit/bit_errors/802.11 traceset:

 quick access to download the 3 traces:

 the niit/bit_errors/802.11/setup_A trace:

 the niit/bit_errors/802.11/setup_B trace:

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