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The isti/rural dataset

Dataset of transmission distance vs. packet loss measurement on a Wi-Fi network in rural areas.

Contributed by Paolo Barsocchi, Gabriele Oligeri, Francesco Potortì.

We conducted a series of measurements for relating transmission distance and packet loss on a Wi-Fi network in rural areas to propose a model that relates distance with packet loss probability.

 details of the isti/rural dataset:

 details of the 7 traces in the isti/rural/packet_loss traceset:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/navacchio trace:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/aggregated trace:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/1-marine trace:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/2-marine trace:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/3-navpol trace:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/4-navzin trace:

 the isti/rural/packet_loss/5-navpol trace:

 3 contributors:

 1 related publication:

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