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Welcome to CRAWDAD

CRAWDAD is the Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth, a wireless network data resource for the research community. This archive has the capacity to store wireless trace data from many contributing locations, and staff to develop better tools for collecting, anonymizing, and analyzing the data. We work with community leaders to ensure that the archive meets the needs of the research community.

CRAWDAD is grateful to its current and past sponsors.


Latest News

CRAWDAD update - March 06, 2015

Welcome Lithuania! Adding our first user from Lithuania means we now
have users from 107 countries. We have several new datasets in the
pipeline and will be announcing those soon.

Overall CRAWDAD statistics
97 datasets
19 tools
7097 users
107 countries

new CRAWDAD dataset - Facebook and Bluetooth encounters - February 10, 2015

A new dataset has been added to CRAWDAD.

Traces of Bluetooth encounters, Facebook friendships and interests of
a set of users collected through SocialBlueConn application at
University of Calabria

Contributed by Antonio Caputo, Annalisa Socievole, Floriano De Rango.

The dataset contains Bluetooth device proximity data collected by an
ad-hoc Android application called SocialBlueConn. This application was
used by 15 students at University of Calabria campus in Rende, Cosenza
(Italy) and logged both the internal contacts between the participants
and contacts with other 20 external mobile nodes. The dataset includes
the social profiles (Facebook friends and self-declared interests) of
the participants.


Welcome Bolivia and Cuba! - January 26, 2015

With the addition of new users from Bolivia and Cuba, CRAWDAD now has over 7,000 users in 107 countries.

Overall CRAWDAD statistics:
97 datasets
19 tools
7062 users
3349 institutions (not accurate!)
107 countries